Finding the right school for your child can be an emotional roller coaster.  And working with the school throughout your
childs’ school career can be daunting.  With over 15 years experience integrating children with learning and behavioural difficulties  into school settings you don't need to undertake this part of your journey alone.

Ryde Psychology Clinic

School Support

Services can be provided for:

- Identifying goals and objectives for your child
- Advocating for parents during school meetings
- Negotiating with schools
- Acting as your objective “eyes and ears” during what can often be an emotional time for parents
- Working on behavioural issues that may arise while your child is at school

School Based Behaviour Consultations

Using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and collaborating with parents, teachers and support staff an individualised behaviour plan will be tailored
for your child. 

​The plan aims to reduce inappropriate behaviour that may be limiting your child’s learning and participation at school and to teach replacement behaviours that will help them to reach their full potential.  

School Consultations and Advocacy