Ryde Psychology Clinic

Counselling and psychotherapy services combine the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with techniques from the humanistic approach to counselling to assist clients in exploring their thoughts and behaviours and developing strategies to strengthen positive behaviour change in a supportive environment.

For parents: An environment to explore their emotions, thoughts and feelings during the diagnosis period and while conducting intervention programs for their child.

For siblings: A safe outlet to vent their frustrations and difficulties and help them come up with strategies to strengthen their coping skills and enhance their family life.

Specialising in counselling and psychotherapy services for:

- Parents of child with a disability
- Siblings of a child with a disability
- Children with an anxiety disorder
- Adolescents with an anxiety disorder
- Depression
- Behavioural difficulties
- Phobias
- Relationship issues
These principles and techniques include:

- Identifying maladaptive beliefs
- Motivational interviewing
- Reflection of experience and feelings
- Active learning
- Challenging
- Prediction testing
- Cognitive restructuring
- Anxiety management
- Relaxation
- Positive events scheduling
​- Realistic thinking

Counselling and Psychotherapy