With over 20 years working with children, adolescents, and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, Nicole can provide behaviour consultations, counselling and psychotherapy, and treatment for anxiety disorders specific to the needs to people with ASD.

Autism Specific Services

Making a 5 Year Plan.

The 5 year plan is a proactive approach to therapy that involves assessing the person's current functioning level, then setting a hypothetical goal of where the person will be, and what they will be doing, in 5 years.

​With the help of the ABBLS-R assessment tool we can gain an idea of the functional skills the person will need to gain to achieve their hypothetical goal, and collaboratively develop teaching plans to assist them in developing those skills.

Ryde Psychology Clinic uses the principles of ABA to design individualised programs to help children reach their full potential.  Programs are designed to fit around a child's school commitments and to support their learning in the classroom.

An initial goal is identified after consultation with the child and their family.  Information on the child's current functioning is gathered through parent, child, and teacher questionnaires, interviews, and observations.

Treatment is conducted with both the child and their family to ensure generalisation of skills.  A variety of tools and equipment (including electronic media) are utilised to ensure motivation and acquisition of target skills. 

Progress is tracked over time and treatment plans updated after each consultation.

Ryde Psychology Clinic